International Tourist Destinations Ramadhan Edition

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In this holy month of Ramadhan, aside from taking parts in fasting, it is also a chance for Muslims to roam and enjoy the beauty of world, along with their loved ones. You can bask in the atmosphere and excitement of Ramadhan in various countries of this world.

On this occasion, we will be bringing you to some tourist destinations which you can consider to put in your visiting list.

1. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is a holy city which is also one of the main destination especially for Muslims. In this city, you can do pilgrimage or umrah. They also have a mosque called Masjidil Haram. This mosque was built surrounding Ka’bah or Baitullah, which becomes the qibla direction for those who are praying. It is also one of the oldest mosque in this world.

2. Madinah, Saudi Arabia

In Madinah, there is a mosque called Nabawi Mosque, a place where Nabi Muhammad SAW was buried. Aside from pilgrimage, you can also enjoy the iconic umbrellas of Nabawi Mosque. You can savour the ambience around the area, and also watch the beauty of those umbrellas, whether when they are opened or closed.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is also one of the main destination because of its beauty. This city is the center of political and spiritual knowledge of the Ottoman caliphate and, is also one of the most visited city by Indonesian tourists. There are also a lot of Islamic heritage scattered across this city. Geographically, Istanbul is located in-between of 2 continents, which are Europe and Asia, making it one of its unique point for people to visit the city.

4. Fez, Morocco

Fez or Fes used to be the capital city of Morocco, before it was changed to Rabat back in 1912. But until now, the city is still the center of culture and spirituals. You can find a lot of buildings with Islamic architecture which will definitely amaze you.

5. Abu Dhabi, UAE

One of the biggest mosque in this world is located in Abu Dhabi, which is called Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This mosque was first built in 1996, then later it was officiated and opened for public in 2007. Apart being a destination for Muslims, non-Muslims can also enjoy the beauty of this mosque, as long as they wear long sleeved and veiled, also dresses modestly when entering the area.

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