How to safely consume coffee while fasting

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It doesn’t feel like the month of Ramadan will arrive soon. For a whole month, Muslims will observe fasting.

When fasting, Muslims do not consume food or drink from dawn to dusk for a whole month. They also have to watch their behavior and words, carry out God’s commands and stay away from His prohibitions during fasting.

Apart from being part of a religious command, fasting is also a healthy thing. There are many benefits to be gained from fasting, both in terms of physical and mental health. Fasting can reduce weight, maintain heart health, increase body metabolism, control appetite, improve brain function, and maintain healthy skin. Fasting can also increase the ability to manage stress, improve mood, and adapt more easily to change.

How should coffee lovers consume their favorite drink during the fasting month? Will drinking coffee while fasting affect your health? Because the context is during fasting, of course what is meant is drinking coffee before or after breaking the fast.

Drinking coffee can increase the body’s metabolism. The caffeine in coffee is also a diuretic which causes you to go back and forth to the bathroom to urinate. Apart from that, caffeine can increase stomach acid production. Therefore, it is a good idea to drink less coffee before fasting so that you don’t feel hungry quickly and stay hydrated during fasting. If you really want to drink coffee at dawn, try to drink coffee that doesn’t contain too much caffeine, such as decaffeinated coffee or Arabica coffee.

What about when breaking the fast? In general, drinking coffee when breaking the fast is not a problem. But you should drink water and eat ta’jil first before drinking coffee. Eating food before drinking coffee is believed to reduce the increase in stomach acid production. You must remember to keep consuming your coffee in moderation. You certainly don’t want to have trouble sleeping and stay awake until dawn, right? Getting enough rest during the fasting month is important so that your daily activities are not disrupted.

In conclusion, drinking coffee is not recommended during sahur because it can reduce your concentration during fasting due to hunger and dehydration. Drinking coffee after breaking the fast is allowed, but it is recommended to drink water and eat food first before drinking it. It is also recommended that you drink coffee in moderation. For coffee, you can try high quality Toraja Arabica coffee from the Sulotco Plantation in the Rantekarua Mountains. You can get Toraja coffee at the official Sulotco online shop on Tokopedia.,dengan%20takjil%2C%20baru%20minum%20kopi.

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