Every beans has a good of nature. So, we take care of each with love and passion to maintain its goodness

Rantekarua Toraja Washed Dry
Hull – Specialty

Strong aroma and frangrance. While body, acidity and sweetness are balanced.

Rantekarua Toraja Luwak-

Full body while acidity and sweetness are medium.

Pure Grades

Our coffee plantations are certified free from the use of non-organic materials.

Wide Assortment

We have various types of coffee beans that have unique taste characteristics

Proper Drying

Drying is carried out according to standard procedures so that the coffee aroma remains naturally fresh.

High Quality

Processed to high standards, making our Toraja Arabica coffee, as one of the best coffee in the world

Excellent Grinding

The process of grinding and brewing coffee provides a satisfying experience for customers.

Sustainable Beans

Coffee cultivation that is committed to maintaining coffee quality by paying attention to environmental, social and economic aspects

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