Toraja Coffee: Shops, Competitions and Coffee Farm

Posted on 05/04/2023

Toraja has long been famous for its coffee enjoyment. Toraja coffee is one of the most popular Indonesian coffees in foreign countries. Some sources even say that Toraja coffee is always included in the list of the top 10 types of coffee that are most in demand worldwide. It is not surprising that in Toraja itself, many coffee shops have sprung up because coffee has become part of the Toraja people's lifestyle.

One of those many coffee shops is ToRi Cafe. Addressed at Jl. Ahmad Yani Number 51, Singki', Rantepao District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi, this coffee shop founded by a husband and wife is now entering its third year since it was first established.

To celebrate its third birthday on February 2, 2023, ToRi Cafe is holding an event called the Fun Cupping Tasters Competition. The competition was attended by young people from various backgrounds. They are required to demonstrate speed, skill, and accuracy in differentiating flavors in Toraja coffee brewing.

The event begins with an introduction to the coffee that will be used. The coffee assessed in this competition is of Toraja origin, including coffee from Randan Batu (South Makale), Bittuang, Buntu Sisong, Sapan, and Gardasil. Followed by a cupping session, participants were asked to taste and identify 8 sets of coffee, each consisting of 3 cups of coffee.

The Fun Cupping Tasters Competition was won by representatives from PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi. The first winner was won by Natalia Palinoan who is a staff member of the R&D division of PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi. The second winner was won by a representative from ToRi Coffee on behalf of Patrick G., and the third winner was won by Wahyudin. The winners received coaching money and certificates as well as ToRi Coffee x Amelia Art collaboration merchandise. In addition, participants can bring home the coffees used in the Fun Cupping Tasters Competition.

Questions may arise in the minds of readers, PT. What company is Sulotco Jaya Abadi? Why did the employees win the cupping coffee taster event?

PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi where Natalia works is a coffee plantation company located on the slopes of the Rante Karua Mountains, Tana Toraja. This coffee plantation has a long history. Originally it belonged to a Dutchman named H.J. Stock van Dykk. Once controlled by the Japanese in the colonial era and then taken over by the state, this coffee plantation was then managed by PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi.

Located at an altitude of 1500 – 1800 meters above sea level, the plantation of PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi cultivates Arabica coffee plants. PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi has the vision to develop and increase the production of Arabica Specialty Toraja coffee on the world market through export activities. It is not surprising that the name Sulotco is well known abroad as an exporter of quality Arabica Toraja coffee.

For those of you who are curious about the enjoyment of Rante Karua's signature Toraja Coffee, you can find it at the Tokopedia online store under the name Sulotco Coffee Store. There are 3 forms of processed Arabica coffee beans, namely: green beans, roasted beans, and ground coffee. Discover the freshness and enjoyment of authentic Toraja Arabica coffee directly from our coffee plantations.