Posted on 30/09/2022

The excitement of fishing and drinking coffee for free that sponsored by PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi with PT. Fastrata Buana which is located at the Makale circle pond to celebrate the 55th UKI Toraja Anniversary.

This activity takes place on Tuesday, September 6th 2022 with the aim of celebrating its founding day The 55th year of the UKI Toraja campus with the aim of strengthen community ties with students and lecturers. The atmosphere is very lively especially when fishing where there are participants who managed to get the biggest fish weighing 10 kilogram.

Sulotco and Fastratabuana hand out coffee drinks around 1,500 cups for free in the event ahead UKI campus, precisely in the Makale pond roundabout area. The visitors, both tourists and the public passers-by and those who drive, can stop for a moment to enjoy a cup of variant coffee arabica specialty and sampling 3in1 Pikopi ready to drink. They can also watch the fishing mania competition while drinking coffee.

In addition to drinking free coffee and fishing mania for the 55th Anniversary of the UKI Toraja Campus, the UKI Toraja Campus also carries out several service activities for the community such as community service on modern agricultural technology, health services, giving booster vaccines, blood donation and several other activities. This activity is also in collaboration with the local government of Tana Toraja, RS. Elim Rantepao, RS. Lakipadada, Makale Health Center, BNI Bank, BRI Bank and Global Link.

All activities in UKI Toraja's 55th Anniversary are "a real manifestation of the presence of UKI Toraja Campus to continue to be a blessing to all".