PT Sulotco Jaya Abadi Contributes to Preserving Toraja Identity through Robusta Coffee Planting in Sa'pak Bayo-bayo

Posted on 31/10/2022

Holy Family of Nazareth spiritual tour Sa'pak Bayo-Bayo (SBB), Not only for Christians but is open to the public, this location is known as a destination that combines elements of religion, culture, and nature. Inside, visitors can see caves made of karst rock which is currently still used as family tombs. Not only that, the combination of lush Toraja trees such as the Pangi tree (kluwak), and the sound of the birds add to the specialty of this place.

"Coffee is part of the identity of the Toraja people, wherever they go they always bring coffee, many families make a living from coffee, so this coffee is very closely related to the life of the Toraja people," said Mikael Andin, one of the SBB managers in his opening remarks.

While Mr. Imanuel Sude is a representative of the management of PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi expressed hope that the presence of coffee plants in Sa'pak Bayo-Bayo can benefit nature and the surrounding community.

This robusta coffee planting activity is one of the agendas in the retreat of Christian employees who are members of the Sulotco Catholic Christian Youth Fellowship (PPKS) and is carried out in the nuances of World Food Day which falls on October 16 and Youth Pledge Day which will fall on October 28. Approximately 100 robusta coffee trees are planted along the route of the cross in Sa'pak Bayo-Bayo. The employees and students were quite enthusiastic about growing coffee even though the weather was not friendly.


Retreat or retreat according to the KBBI is defined as a state of resigning from the busy world to seek inner peace. Through this retreat, participants were again reminded to get closer to the Creator and continue to do good for others and nature. In the world of work, we are also expected to be more resilient, and increase cooperation with colleagues, such as the theme of the retreat which reads "Unity in Brotherhood".