Get to know decaf coffee

Posted on 31/12/2022

The coffee we drink often contains caffeine. Even these levels can be high. However, some people say that caffeine in coffee can harm the body. While there are also those who like coffee but have sensitive stomachs. Then as an alternative, they can consume decaf coffee or decaf coffee. Maybe the caffeine in decaf coffee is much less than in coffee in general. But is decaf coffee better for consumption?

1. What is Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee is coffee brewed from coffee beans that have been decaffeinated. This coffee actually still contains caffeine but in a much smaller amount than coffee in general.

Decaf coffee usually has about 3% caffeine compared to regular coffee. Even though the levels have been reduced, the caffeine in coffee cannot disappear 100%. At least only 97% of the caffeine is gone. Even though there is a loss of caffeine content, this coffee is just as delicious as caffeinated coffee. The taste is not much different from regular coffee.

Overall, decaf coffee can be a great alternative for those who want to enjoy coffee without having to feel the effects of caffeine. So, is it true that decaf coffee is much better than regular coffee?

2. Excess Decaf Coffee or Coffee without Caffeine

With a lower amount of caffeine, this type of coffee has many advantages for the body. This coffee can help those who have a caffeine sensitivity. With low caffeine, you can avoid the negative effects of caffeine such as insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, and anxiety. Decaf coffee is also able to help overcome health problems that usually arise due to caffeine in coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant, diuretic, and acid. So if you experience heartburn or digestive problems after drinking coffee, then you can reduce these effects by consuming decaf coffee without having to eliminate it. Decaf coffee is also believed to be able to overcome digestive problems or dehydration. One study found that coffee induced a gastrocolic response in some people after drinking it.

The results suggest that coffee has some effect, but this is still being studied further to date. In the end, it all depends on the condition of each body.

3. Cons or Dangers of Drinking Decaf Coffee

Apart from the advantages, there are some disadvantages to consuming decaf coffee. Decaf coffee also contains chemicals. Some are made with methyl chloride, which, in high concentrations, can have severe neurological effects in humans. In small amounts this substance is safe for consumption, but not in large quantities. So, before buying decaf coffee on the market, it's best to check the label first.

Meanwhile, decaf coffee can also cause cholesterol effects. several studies studying the effect of decaffeinated coffee on human cholesterol. Some reveal that it can

increase cholesterol, but some say there is no effect. So this finding actually should be explored more deeply. If you really want to consume decaf coffee, you should also consult your doctor first.

4. Is Decaf Coffee Better?

Whether this coffee is good or not really depends on the measure and condition of each person. Decaf coffee still contains caffeine so you could say they also still have the antioxidant properties that are often found in regular coffee.

If indeed the condition of the body does not allow drinking coffee, such as having a sensitive stomach, you can make decaf coffee as an alternative. If you want to reduce caffeine but still want the benefits of coffee, decaf coffee is also the right choice.