How to store Coffee Beans

Posted on 30/06/2022

 TIPS for storing coffee beans

For coffee lovers, changes in color, taste, and consistency will be easily recognizable. Therefore, many of us choose to store coffee still in the form of beans. Although it has far fewer possibilities than coffee grounds, change is still possible and can happen. Here are some easy tips that can be applied in storing coffee beans


·         Buy enough coffee beans

Liking something sometimes pushes us to have it completely. Likewise with coffee. The taste of coffee often makes us want to buy as much as possible so we don't worry about running out. However, this should not be done. Why is that? Quoted from The Spruce Eats article, roasted coffee beans have a fresh taste within 1 month.


·         Store coffee beans in a dry and odorless place

Bicknell (2008) said that as with other natural ingredients, coffee can also be oxidized. The placement of coffee beans in a humid place gives the coffee the potential to oxidize more. The impact of this incident is that the freshness of the coffee is reduced so that significant changes in taste, color, consistency, and quality may be found. In addition, coffee can also absorb the aroma from the place where it is placed. Therefore, the place to put the coffee needs to be ensured to be dry and free from odors. Examples of places that can be used as options for storing roasted coffee beans are by placing them in an airtight jar or in the coffee packaging itself that has a seal.


·         Store coffee beans in a cool place and away from heat sources

Moisture and odors from the surrounding environment are not the only things to avoid in storing coffee beans. Coffee beans also need to be kept away from hot places or exposed to direct sunlight. By avoiding these two things, we can slow down the washing process or become not fresh.


·         Pay attention to the time of storing coffee beans

As previously mentioned, coffee beans that are stored properly will remain fresh within 1 month. Therefore, we should note when we start putting the beans in the container until the best time before the coffee beans go stale or not fresh.


Tips for Storing Coffee Powder

Not a few also the number of coffee lovers who prefer to stock coffee grounds compared to whole coffee beans. By stocking coffee grounds, coffee lovers can save much more time and space. Why is that? We don't need to prepare a coffee grinder and we don't need to grind coffee first every time we want to make a cup of coffee. In general, the tips given above can also be applied. However, coffee grounds have more surface area than whole coffee beans. Storage of coffee grounds is much more tricky so that the taste, consistency, color, and quality are maintained. Here are some additional easy tips that can be applied in storing coffee grounds.


·         Storing coffee grounds in several places

As explained above, the more surface of the coffee grounds, the more easily the coffee oxidizes. Therefore, to reduce the contact of coffee with the air, you should put coffee grounds in several jars. So, the taste and quality of the coffee can be better maintained.


·         Pay attention to the time of storage of coffee grounds

Not only does the storage of coffee beans need to be considered when stored, but coffee grounds also are the same. Quoted from The Spruce Eats article, roasted coffee grounds have a fresh taste within 2 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended to mark the date in each coffee storage area so that the resulting taste is still satisfying.