Getting to know cattura coffee

Posted on 15/09/2021

Getting to know cattura coffee

Yellow caturra is one of the varieties of arabica coffee that comes from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua that is then developed in the country of Brazil. Yellow Caturra is a type of coffee plant that is unique and different from the general coffee plants in Indonesia. The fruit is not red when it ripens on trees. The coffee beans have a thick yellow skin when they're ripe, so don't wait until the red fruit is, because if you wait, the fruit will rot.


The next characteristic is seeds. Yellow Caturra seeds have a hard texture and are also quite small in size. Because of the dearth of this Caturra coffee, the Research and Development division of PT. Sulotco Jaya Abadi is trying to develop this coffee in the Sulotco plantation area. This one's coffee is grown at a height of 5,500 feet [1,700 m] above sea level. Yellow Caturra is scarce because it is not widely cultivated, so it is difficult to obtain when searching for coffee with other varieties. Currently, the Yellow Caturra variety has been planted in Sulotco's plantation and is starting to bear fruit in the first year.

If you are curious about the cultivation aspect of this yellow coffee, you are obliged to come to our garden at Sulotco.