Get to Know the Difference between Social Drinkers and Coffee connoisseur from Ordered Coffee.

Posted on 30/11/2022

Ordered Coffee

There is a saying that "the coffee someone orders reflects his personality". Of course, from this proverb, we can immediately distinguish between true coffee drinkers and social drinkers because it is very clear from their respective orders when they hang out in coffee shops. A true coffee drinker is a person who loves real black coffee without any mixture. The way to see someone is a true coffee drinker is also easy. If you see someone ordering coffee through the manual brew method, then you can be sure that he or she is a true coffee drinker. Or occasionally you see someone ordering espresso or long black. And look at the way they enjoy their coffee, pure without sugar or added milk, let alone whipped cream.

They will never order ice blended or coffee-flavored milkshakes instead of coffee. Or if they want a cold drink, they will most likely order cold brew coffee or Iced Americano.

Of course social drinkers are different again, they are the type of people who often come to coffee shops not to enjoy coffee but solely to hang out. They don't always order coffee, most of the time they order iced blended and milkshakes or the like and that's fine for them because they're not coffee drinkers. They also do not know let alone understand the ins and outs of coffee.

Social drinkers are cheerful people who like sweet taste, coffee doesn't taste good if it's not sweet according to them. But if their socialization matters are flexible people, they don't have a problem if they have to be at the same table with true coffee drinkers. For them it's not what coffee they drink, but where and with whom they hang out.

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